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ShopWindow - Australia's online shopping channel

ShopWindow Idea

Sell your products on our online shopping channel

How does it work?

It's a live TV show on the internet. We broadcast a live video stream from our studio. Our presenters demonstrate and promote your products to our shoppers just like a TV shopping channel.

ShopWindow is a combination of entertainment and selling. Shoppers like to be sold to, they like our presenters and they buy on their recommendation.

Instead of ringing a call centre our shoppers just click the 'Buy Now' button and check out at the end of the show.

We start the price at your recommended retail price and bring it down to an agreed discounted price during the show. As shoppers click the 'Buy Now' the quantity available is reduced which adds excitement and introduces a little competition.

The scarcity principle is a powerful force when making buying decisions. Any sense of competition will motivate buyers.

Why do we show the winners? It's called social proof, each purchase builds the idea that other people want the product, therefore, it must be good.

I hope you agree that this adds up to a very powerful way to sell your products.

ShopWindow Jewellery Show

Here's a comment from Facebook:

Thank you ShopWindow for my gorgeous Mosaic Bangle! The shopping process during the Live Sale (Sam is gorgeous!!) was so much fun, the prices FAR too tempting, checkout was a breeze and delivery super fast! I will be back next Thursday, thank you!
ShopWindow Idea

Run your own online shopping channel

If you are looking for ideas for your next promotion or sale then think about having your own shopping channel running on your web site.

We will licence our technology to you and provide you with a fully branded online shopping channel integrated with your systems.

We are always looking to promote and sell products to our shoppers: jewelry, fashion, fashion accessories, beauty products and home wares.
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