How the Live Shows Work

Looking for a new, fun, exciting way to shop? Here at ShopWindow we provide our members with exclusive access to quality products at amazingly low prices. Each sale starts with a live online show where our presenters quickly but expertly showcase and demonstrate each item in the sale. Missed the show? Well, you may have missed out! If we have stock left the sales will be listed for a few days.

Yes, the show is live - mistakes, bloopers it's all there!

May we suggest you register with us before the show? To buy during the show you must be registered, if you leave it until the show you may miss the item whilst you are completing the form!

Have a look at the 3 types of sales we run:

Price Drop

A live shopping show without the boring bits! Prices start at the recommended retail price and then drop until we sell out or we reach our invoice cost.

Watch the prices fall as each item is briefly and quickly demonstrated and displayed on your screen for sale. Shoppers need to be quick to purchase though -limited designer items at great prices means that quantity (and price) drops while you are watching the show.

Worried you bought too early in the sale? Don't worry -everyone pays the lowest show price.

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Crowd Buying

We all know that buying in bulk saves money. We don't have these items in stock we buy in bulk, usually from China. The more we buy the better the price.

Let's say we are selling this pedometer bracelet:
Our best price is $59.95. But we know that if we can reach sales of 50 we can sell it for $49, so once we reach our target everyone pays $49. There's a handy link in the show so you can tell your friends on Facebook, more buyers better prices!

If you are happy to pay the price on the screen, then click' Buy Now' and check out at the end of the show. Except for delivery costs you won't pay anymore but you will pay less if we reach our targets!

Delivery can be 15 to 30 days from the crowd buying sale.

health monitor

Premium Show

Our premium show aids our shoppers in making the right purchasing decision on our sale items. Want to see how big it actuallyis? How it works or if it's really functional? Our live demonstrations provide shoppers with all the need to know details ina quick and entertaining way .If you decide you want to purchase simply click the buy now button and check out at the end of the show.

Missed a live show?

Our sales last for a few days! Remaining items that may have not sold in our live show are still available for purchase before the sale close time.