About Us

About ShopWindow  
ShopWindow is a new venture run by Bidsonline Pty. Ltd.  We run live sales on behalf of retailers and wholesalers who want to clear some stock at bargain prices.   Our technology allows us to broadcast the sale live.  
Bidsonline runs simulcast auctions for many car auctions in Australia.( our technology auctions over 1,000 cars a week) - an internet bidder can bid from their office during a live auction in competition with bidders on the auction floor.  This means that car auctions can sell cars all around Australia.  Whilst mainly for car dealers members of the public can join in and many have bought their cars online and made significant savings. Please see for more on the car auctions.
Using the same technology we developed the first live dutch auction on the internet for wine auctions.  
If you are a retailer or wholesaler wanting to clear stock and try a new idea please give us a ring on 02 8850 1376